Blue Dot Voyages has partnered with NauticEd to offer online sailing courses. Combined with real world practical experience, you will be a “salty sailor” in no time.

You can learn to sail through the NauticEd fully accredited sailing education program, a program that adheres to the U.S. Coast Guard’s American National Standards for sailing training. NauticEd Certifications and Licenses are also recognized by yacht chartering companies around the world.

NauticEd and its schools offer global sailing training, education, certification, and licensing recognized throughout the boating industry as ‘best in class’.

Sailing School with NauticEd

Do you have what it takes?

Start Today with Two Free Online Sailing Courses

You will learn a lot from these courses thanks to NauticEd’s modern approach to online training.

You will learn through interactive multimedia presentations that make learning fun, interesting, and informative.


This 45 minute free sailing course complete with impactful eLearning animations will teach you the basics about how to get the boat moving and make the sails fly efficiently. Even some seasoned sailors have said they picked up a few pointers. Just sign-up with NauticEd and you’ll automatically find this course in your curriculum.


Have you heard the one about the navy ship that radioed a lighted vessel at night insisting that they get out of the way? Turns out it was a lighthouse! There is a pecking order to who gives way under international rules. This 1 hour long free eLearning course keeps you entertained while diving into the rules of who must give-way. Everyone needs to know these rules and everyone on the water needs to have timely refreshers. Just sign-up and you’ll automatically find this free course also in your sailing curriculum.

NauticEd Full Sailing Curriculum

NauticEd programs blend four sailing education fundamentals: (1) Online Knowledge Learning, (2) On-the-Water Practical Training, (3) Experience & Resume Building, and (4) Certification & Licensing.

1. Online Multimedia Theory Courses

Learning the theory and technical knowledge of sailing has never been easier – or this fun – until now. NauticEd’s real-time library of state-of-the-art coursework is available with just one click of a button, making your sailing goals attainable and achievable. Learn in the comfort of your own home with cutting edge technology for simple and easy access to learn theory and knowledge at your own pace.

Sailing Rules Give-way Opposite Tack

Courses are cross-platform, multimedia, interactive, real-time, mobile friendly, continuously updated, and – in one student’s comment – “downright addictive”. Theory knowledge courses include interactive simulations: much like pilots practice simulations before “taking off”, sailors strengthen their knowledge before “casting off”. Retake the tests as often as needed. Our goal isn’t pass/fail, but focusing your education where it benefits you the most.

2. Sailing Schools | On-The-Water Training

Sailing courses and private instruction from NauticEd lead to so much more than a certification. Professional, certified instructors are focused on helping you achieve your personal goals and teaching in a safe, controlled training environment that allows you to be hands-on with challenging sailing situations. Their global network of instructors means you get the training you need where you need it.

Instructors continually assess your strengths, focusing your training to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge to be a safe and skilled skipper or crew. The value of your instructor’s oversight is immeasurable. With years of experience, professional training, and a passion to guide your development, NauticEd’s experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

3. Experience | Free Online Logbook & Resume

Every charter operator requires a properly formatted sailing resume that confirms your sailing experience (believe us, we’ve asked them). NauticEd offers a free, globally recognized logbook and resume building tool to track your on-the-water experience in one convenient virtual location.

With a few simple steps, you can track your on-the-water experience, add crew-mate authentication, and watch your resume grow to qualify for chartering sailing yachts worldwide. Read why a sailing resume trumps a sailing certification.

4. Certification & Licensing

NauticEd’s certification program is a simple calculation: theory + on-the-water skills + experience = certified competence. Once you’ve completed the course assessment, your accredited Instructor certifies that you can skillfully and safely operate a sailboat on-the-water. Then once you record sufficient sailing experience in your free eLogbook, you’ll receive the appropriate Certification of Competence.

Internationally Accredited Sailing Training
NauticEd programs exceed all U.S. and international recreational sailing standards. Our courses conform to U.S. Coast Guard EDU-3, NASBLA verified third-party assessment, and exceed United Nations (UNE) Resolution 40 competence standards.

Free from NauticEd (included in your school courses)

iOS and Android Course Apps

The NauticEd online courses and testing are also available on iOS & Android to give students more options to learn sailing at a relaxed pace. Take all of your NauticEd sailing education courses with you anywhere on your mobile device – online or offline. You can also take the course tests. When you complete a test, the App sends the results up to your online resume automatically.

Predict Wind

NauticEd partnered with Predict Wind to offer students the best in wind and weather forecasting. Receive a 3 month subscription for FREE! Predict wind is a company that has gathered all the top weather prediction model information and presented the information in a super user-friendly manner onto your mobile device and on your computer. It means that in one place you can find present conditions and predictions for just about anything you need weather-wise including ocean currents and swells.

More about PredictWind ›

Tracklink & Anchor Watch

Students receive the feature-rich boating GPS Tracking App Tracklink: track and share your sailing, automatically log your sailing adventures, and relax “on the hook” with Anchor Watch. Tracklink logs the miles, elapsed time, weather conditions, vessel details, who was master of the vessel, and overlays that track onto a chart. Additionally, the logbook entry is automatically updated in your NauticEd online logbook entry, effortlessly building your sailing resume.

More about Tracklink and Anchor Watch >

Other NauticEd Offers

NauticEd also offers Sailing Opportunities to be part of a crew and Sailing Vacations. Check these out to put your skills to use!