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Coastal Carolina Videos

Video ThumbnailEnjoy watching our sailing adventures aboard our Leopard48 Catamaran along the coast of SC & NC & GA.

Blue Dot Voyages on Pilar 2018 and Beyond

Video ThumbnailWatch our 2018 Sailing Adventures

What’s our Leopard 48 Really Like?

Video ThumbnailSee inside our Leopard48 Catamaran Sailing Vessel by Robertson Caine.

Grand Cayman BWI Adventures

Video ThumbnailWatch videos of our 10 day Sail to Grand Cayman and our 4 month stay during Winter 2019

Catamaran Yacht Maintenance

Video ThumbnailWatch our videos maintaining our boat - as it happens!

British Virgin Islands – our first Catamaran experience

Video ThumbnailWatch our videos on our Feb Trip after Hurricane Irma ravaged British Virgin Islands