Scuba Diving opened up a whole different world under the ocean to us. Unfortunately, we had to stop due to the increased risk with some vertigo and sinus issues. But we had many years of exciting dives to share and created some great memories.

Grand Cayman Scuba Diving

Grand Cayman Scuba Diving with the Silversides 2013
Cayman 2014 Spring Break Highlights
grand cayman silversides and tarpon short
Kittiwake Grand Cayman July 2013
Harrison Shark and Kittiwake Chamber Grand Cayman March 2014
Pump Service on the Kittiwake July2013
Petting Grouper George and Circling Sharks East Grand Cayman March 2014
Scuba Diving - Grand Cayman - Octopus on Coral  - April2013

Roatan – Honduras – Anthony’s Key

Roatan Frogfish Anthonys Key May2015
Roatan Groupers Grouping under boat May2015
Roatan Shark Dive Shark Feeding May2015

North Carolina Scuba Diving

Nudibranch June 2014 Wilmington
Morehead scuba graveyard of the atlantic july 2013
Sand Tiger sharks Aeoulus Wreck Sept 2012
Sargassum Nudi Branch Up Close and Personal April2014
Sargassum Swim April 2014
Wilington NC Hyde Wreck sept2012
Scuba Diving - Circling Barracudas at Safety Stop - Wilmington North Carolina Wreck Diving

Cozumel Mexico Scuba Diving

Cozumel Night Dive with Octopus May2013
Scuba Diving - Cozumel - Lobster Catch - Sept2012