Boatyard Work at Thunderbolt Marine – Savannah, Georgia

We spent the winter of 2020 in the boatyard – Thunderbolt Marine Services in Savannah, Georgia.  We had a list of 38 items that we needed (and wanted) to accomplish.  Watch our videos to see it all – the before and the after – and the problems in between.

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Boatyard Work at Thunderbolt Marine – Savannah, Georgia

The Main Boat Work

We did some time in the winter of 2020…in the Boat Yard. We accomplished a TON of boat projects – some mandatory and some that we just wanted to make our eventual full time life on board as comfortable as possible for us and our guests. Here’s the partial list.

Rudders – post bearings replaced and “shake” eliminated.
Sail Drive Seal and Zincs – replace.
Sail Drive Boots – replace and secure.
Prop – repair looseness and treat with propspeed.
Underwater lights – replace and ensure water tight seal.
Bottom – pressure wash, sand, bottom paint
Salt water washdown – add to back of boat.
LP gas system – fix leaks.
Sliding glass door – fix lock bolt hole.
Mast cleat – retap and replace.
Master stateroom bed – expand size as wide as possible.
Sailbag – mainsail cradle cover zipper and sailbag is ripped. Expand the bag in back to give it more room for flaking.
Interior cushions – recover.
Isinglass side panel – new one needed.
Window starboard front – Install replacement window from Leopard – 95 x 37.
Water leak – starboard side when rains.
Bow – repair due to getting hit by boat that lost steering.
Spreader wires – secure loose wires.
Radar – troubleshoot and repair – keeps disconnecting while sailing.
Compass light does not work – need replaced.
Rigging tension – check and adjust.
Halyard – replace with new Dyneema.
Parasailor – additional rigging at helm.
Main Sheet blocks – add backing plates and fix gel cracks
Underwater lighting – replace and ensure tight seal.
Antennaes – remove Iridium & Webwatch. relocate Sirius and AIS.

Pimping our Master Stateroom

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Boatyard Work at Thunderbolt Marine – Savannah, Georgia

Our Leopard48 has comfortable staterooms, however since we will eventually be sleeping here every night, we decided to expand our master stateroom bed to a REAL King size instead of the Queen size it was. We eliminated the V berth at the foot of the bed and now it is super comfortable! We bought a new “Ultimate” mattress and sheets from Custom Comfort Bedding out of Fort Lauderdale.

If you decide to do the same, note that there is a conduit pipe on the inside hull that must be built around. As an added bonus, we now have a super deep storage addition under the bed deck (kind of hidden).

We also decided to recover our salon cushions so we don’t have to sit on that sticky, cold, hot, sticky vinyl. A little sunbrella and we are now much cozier.

Bed Expansion by Thunderbolt Marine Services
Mattress and Sheets by Custom Comfort Mattresses

If you have questions, leave a comment on the youtube video.