Rigging and Flying our Parasailor on our Catamaran

We know there are a lot of people out there who have questions about flying a parasailor on a catamaran. So, this video is for you!

We show you how we have setup our permanent rigging for our parasailor, (clutches, blocks and pad eyes) along with temporary block and tackle, the sheets and guys, and the optional Barber-Hauler and Violin. We probably don’t fly it perfectly, but so far this has worked well for us. (great alternative to a spinnaker or code zero sail)

We love sailing it because it truly is the quietest, smoothest riding sail we can fly. All you hear is the beautiful sound of the ocean lightly caressing your hulls. Plus people love to see us sailing it!

If you don’t have one, and are considering it, you can get more info at There is also an alternative by

If you have questions or comments, please contact us.

In the first video, we cover:

  • Rigging Setup for the Parasailor
  • Hoisting the Parasailor on Spinaker Sheet
  • Flying the Parasailor
  • Parasailor performance

In the second video, you will see our very first time sailing it.

Rigging and Flying our Parasailor
Our first time flying our parasailor