6 Weeks Sailing in Antigua

Winter 2023 – 6 Weeks Sailing in Antigua?  We show you the best spots and how to avoid the worst.  English Harbor, Falmouth, Carlisle, Cades Reef, Five Islands, Jolly Harbor, Deep Bay, Boon Channel, Great Bird Island, Hell’s Gate, Green Island, Nonsuch Bay and more.

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The Best part of Antigua? Waters and coastlines.

The Worst: InLand – most areas are run down and dirty. Only place for ample quality groceries was St. Johns, which was also the most difficult to get to. Burning garbage smell in some anchorages is unbearable.

1. English Harbor. The Best: historic Nelson’s Dockyard (and the wonderful Jolene at the Dockmaster’s office) Fort Berkeley Trails, Mermaid Rocks as well as Carpenter Trail and Shirley Heights, Pillars of Hercules, The Pillars restaurant at Admiral’s Inn, Incantino Italian restaurant, French pastries delivered to boat daily. Fuel available. The Worst: Crowded. Anchor holding by Galleon Beach questionable.

2. Carlisle Bay – Best: wonderful resort where you can use dinghy dock to visit the restaurant, and even rent a car. Worst: nothing!

3. Cades Reef & Middle Reef – Best: anchoring right between the reefs. Worst: Reefs are dead but still fish to see.

4. Jolly Harbor and surrounding beaches – Best: Good marina if needed, budget marine right by dinghy dock. Good grocery store Epicurious. Plenty of anchoring areas and beaches. Laundry service in boatyard. Worst: nothing.

5. Five Islands – Best: large bay with plenty of anchoring and beaches. Worst: nothing

6. Deep Bay – Best: Wreck of the Andes great to snorkel. Fort Barrington is a nice short hike. Hawksbill Rock is a beautiful site. Worst: resort is all inclusive, so no access.

7. Boon Channel – Enter on the west coast and exit carefully in calm seas on the east coast through Bird Islet channel. Best: Great Bird Island, Hells’ Gate, all the smaller islands are worth visits when you can get access. Red head island, Rabbit island, Lobster island – go between the reefs carefully. Crabb Island North Sound Marina Budget Marine. Worst: Maiden Island – no access, Prickly Pear – no anchoring, Parham – rundown city. Jumby Bay (Long Island) no access.

8. Nonsuch Bay Green Island – Best: Beautiful protected bay where you can anchor right by the ocean protected by their reefs. Must enter from south side to avoid them. Great snorkeling on beach as you first enter channel – lobsters! Asian restaurant called Rokuni is 10STAR! Great food, infinity pool with drinks! Lots of windsurfers and kiteboarders and classes are available through 40 North. Dinghy dock on back of nonsuch bay resort has access to parking lot where you can meet a rental car if needed. Worst: no stores nearby.

9. St Johns – Best: all the conveniences of big city. Worst: no good anchorage or dinghy dock to go ashore. City is run down.

10. Falmouth – Biggest Maritme center where annual Superyachts boat show is held. Best: Stores & Restaurants. Budget marine. Worst: Fuel only for large yachts.

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