Why we named our Boat “Pilar”

Naming a boat is challenging.  Here were our requirements.

  1. Short
  2. Easily understandable over VHF
  3. Unique

Our choice – PILAR

Why?  Many reasons.

Wikipedia: Means “pillar” in Spanish. It is taken from the title of the Virgin Mary, María del Pilar, meaning “Mary of the Pillar”. According to legend, when Saint James the Greater was in Saragossa in Spain, the Virgin Mary appeared on a pillar.

PILAR - Hemingway Boat Ernest Hemingway owned a 38-foot (12 m) fishing boat named Pilar. It was acquired in April 1934 from Wheeler Shipbuilding in Brooklyn, New York, for $7,495.[2] “Pilar” was a nickname for Hemingway’s wife Pauline and also the name of the woman leader of the partisan band in his 1940 novel of the Spanish Civil War, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

We saw a replica of this boat in Islamorada FL one year and that is when the dream started.

PBS.orgRead Hemingway Pilar summary here.

Present Day – Now, a rum called Papa’s Pilar is sold, with the tagline, Never a Spectator. Fits us perfectly. “Papa’s Pilar Rum – in both Dark and Blonde expressions – is an ultra-premium sipping rum inspired by possibly the world’s greatest adventurer, Ernest Hemingway. It’s created for those with a restless spirit, who experience life on their own terms.

With great attention to product, process, and package – every detail of Papa’s Pilar was crafted to reclaim rum’s rightful place in the spirit world. Sourced, blended and bottled as a worldly rum, Papa’s Pilar is bold and complex, just like Hemingway himself.”

Urban Dictionary: A hot girl with definite class, style, and swagga’. She likes pina colodas, and gettin’ caught in the rain! She will be your best friend and stick by you no matter what. You can usually hit her up at her house where she’ll be playing Nazi Zombies or MW2. She’s genuine and nice to everyone she meets.

Watch the Video on Hemingway’s PILAR

Hemingway and His Boat: The Story of Pilar