Flounder Gigging – October 2018

What is Flounder Gigging?

Flounders often live in tidal pools or at the calm edge of saltwater coastal waters and marshes.  They are there waiting for something to eat, preferably shrimp and minnows.  The best time for flounder gigging is at night, with the assistance of a bright light to shine in the water’s edge,  and a “gig”.  Since flounders are flat fish,  they are harder to spot, and we often look for their outline or imprint left in sand to know we are close.  We shine the light on them to temporarily blind them since both eyes are on the top.  Then Stephen gigs them.


Flounder are delicious – white and flaky.  You can cook them whole or filet them and bake seasoned as you choose.  Leftovers make a tasty Flounder salad – just mix with Dukes’ mayonnaise, salt/pepper, celery and you have a healthy lunch.

Trivia Fact: Although Flounders are born with one eye on each side of their heads like most fish, since they lie on the bottom, one eye gradually moves towards the other eye until they are both on top. Adaptation at it’s finest.

Night Time Flounder Gigging in South Carolina.

We hope you enjoy our flounder gigging video.  October was the perfect time of year.  Don’t forget to like it and share with friends.

Night time Flounder Gigging - Charleston SC.  EP16