Lazy Jack Sail Repair – October 2018

Fixing our Lazy Jack on our mainsail was not what we had in mind for the weekend.  Well, so it goes for best laid plans.

Replacing our Lazy Jack Line

October is a beautiful month at Seabrook and Kiawah Island. Humidity is gone, and it feels like you have the whole island to yourself. So, we took the opportunity one weekend to go for a relaxing sail.

Unfortunately, on the way out, we attempted to raise our main sail. About 2/3 of the way up, it decided to break a lazy jack and rather than continue our sail without them, we ended up anchoring at Deveaux Bank. Not a bad compromise.

Then, we of course began our troubleshooting and fixing process. Watch here as Stephen goes up the mast, drops a fishing line down to repull a new lazy jack line.