All the Grenadine Islands

We visited Bequia, Canouan, Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Union, Petit St. Vincent – all beautiful Grenadine Islands – all worth visiting – each with it’s own special culture. We did not visit Palm Island, Mustique, Baliceaux, Battowia, Isle a Quatre, Petit Mustiqze, Little Canouan or Savan Island. Enjoy our videos and articles and reach out if you have questions.

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Captain’s View

We hear from the captain on his views of the Grenadines.

Bequia – We anchored in front of the rocks between Princess Margaret Beach and Lower beach. You can pull very close to the rocks and have good sandy holding plus be able to swim to the rocks or beach for snorkeling. They say Provisions and Dawn’s are good restaurants although we did not make it to them. Doris’s has awesome provisions but a little expensive. Still, worth it if you want something good. Take a dinghy ride over to the Moon Hole houses if you can. It’s cool to see. We also loved Cocktail Lab which is on a marina/yacht club. Wednesday is good with jazz. Plenty of other things to do in Bequia which I am sure you can find out. View Bequia Details and Video.

Canouan IslandWe anchored in Glossy Bay and loved it. It’s just outside of the Sandy Lane Marina. Or you can take a slip for $3US/foot. Either way a restaurant reservation will get you in the Beach Club with awesome pool and food. Worth your time to spend a half a day or more. The other end of the beach has Scruffies Beach Bar. Also fun to go to, beach swim if you like, good food, nice establishment. We went into Charlestown and walked the town. Don’t bother. Not much for cruisers there. View Canouan Details and Video.

Tobago CaysA bit crowded but a must visit. Many like to anchor on the reef in front of Petite Bateau but if it’s super windy it can be rough. Biggest issue would be launching the dinghy cause the waves can get rough. We moored on the east side of Petite Rameau just outside of the channel. It’s also close to the bar b que beach on petit Bateau and out of the busy channel (our friends anchored there and were hit twice with damage). The beach bar b que is fun. You’ll get a boat boy there when you moor up and he’ll help you during your stay including pick you up and take you to the bar b que, beach etc. We took our dinghy to Petit Tabac (Sparrow’s Island). It was cool but a bit of a trip to get there. We did it but then we have a 30hp on our dinghy. View Tobago Cays Details and Video.

Mayreau IslandWe liked all of it but indeed it’s a place to be on your own. Nothing special on shore but nice anchorages. Our favorite was Saline Bay because it had a beautiful very big beach, and no one was there. Unless the cruise ship stops in. And that can be fun to watch. Salt Whistle was nice. Local beach bars, low end. View Mayreau Details and Video.

Union IslandWe loved all of it and stayed in all the anchorages. Frigate Island was a nice anchorage, and we went ashore and hiked up the top of Mt. Taboi (there’s (2) peaks and we did just one). It was a fun hike and a beautiful view. We could tell by the trail not many go there. You can find the trailhead on All Trails. There’s an old, never completed marina at Frigate that’s fun to view in the dinghy. It goes to a bridge you can go out of and come back in the other end. View Union Details and Video.

  • Clifton Bay was a favorite. Take a mooring ball right on the reef and it’s beautiful with a nice sleeping breeze. Just in front of you will be Happy Island which you’ll want to go to for happy hour. Definitely worth going ashore and walk or get the Sparrow’s Taxi (free) to Sparrow’s beach. Plan for lunch or dinner and spend the day or half day. Beautiful beach, swimming and good food and drinks. They have beach lounge chairs for you. Stephen saw bonefish there too but didn’t have his fly rod with him.
  • Chatham Bay was another great anchorage. Some nice “local” beach bars but don’t miss Tenuti Resort. Great food restaurant and bar/pool. Very cool setting with just a handful of cottages. Make a dinner reservation and you’ll be glad you did. Unusually the night we went there was no wind, so bug spray was necessary however that is supposedly rare.

Petit St. Vincent – Marooned with only one beer! Beautiful place but a private island that doesn’t want you there. View Petit St. Vincent Details and Video.

Grenadines Sailing Route

We started in Blue Lagoon St Vincent, then Bequia, Canouan, Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Union, Petit St. Vincent, and Carriacou.