Petit St Vincent – Marooned with only ONE Beer!

At the end of February, we kept pushing south – Petit St. Vincent, Petit Martinique, and Carriacou – Anse Roche & Tyrell Bay for Check in.

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Petit St. Vincent

A beautiful stop in the Grenadines, just a short sail from Union Island. The highlight? The little sandy spit with a shade umbrella that made the perfect photo spot. It was quite difficult to get on the island as it’s surrounded by reef and rough waters, but Stephen got on the island while I pulled dinghy watch. And, of course he had to bring a beer.

Petit St Vincent is a private resort island, and while you used to be able to go ashore for cocktails and dinner, the recent new ownership has changed that. You can still go ashore, but it costs $150 per person JUST to go ashore. The cost for one overnight in a one bedroom cottage is a mere $1500. So, we just enjoyed the waters.

Snorkeling on the south side of the island was a real treat (in the waters between Petit St Vincent and Petit Martinique). Much to the security guards dissatisfaction, a couple onshore struck up a conversation with us and of course, they were from the Carolinas! Snorkeling on the north side was just as nice, but the water was a bit rough, so we didn’t stay long.

Petit Martinique

The next day, we did a drive by of Petit Martinique, an island known for its fishing and boat building trades with only 900 residents. While actually a part of the Grenadines geographically, it is owned by Grenada. The current in these waters is super strong and at one point, we lost a full knot of speed after crossing a current line.


Our next stop was a quiet anchorage called Anse Roche in Carriacou, a secluded paradise beach. While a 50 minute hike from the closest road, it is easy to reach by boat. Wonderful snorkeling around the “rocks” and a beautiful beach with Tim’s Lobster BBQ beach bar.